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Scope of activities

  • The porous bags, LDPE bags biodegradable technology with biological additives Reverte Wells Plastics Group's plastics - Britain used to store goods, products ...
  • PP print or not to print 
  • Advanced membrane transplantation as: OPP, OPP / CPP 
  • OPP bags, PP, PE 2 cutting edge seal (cut hot)
  • Bag or membrane PA / PE 
  • PE bag, OPP glue 
  • PE shrink membrane, membrane Filling 
  • PE Zipper Bag 
  • Paper packaging such as cartons and cartons of all kinds senior 

We company specialized in manufacturing the packaging products serving the garment industry, banking, food, seafood, candy, coffee, chemicals, fertilizers, stationery, equipment v.vv .. design, prototyping, printing and supply of products for the brand promotion activities, market development.